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Prime Trade Select System

What is Prime Trade Select?

The prime trade select method was designed by Chuck Hughes as a type of stock and options trading strategy within the trend trading system. Chuck created this stock and options investing strategy in order to accurately select low risk stock and option trades.

Chuck Hughes’ prime trade select strategy is evidence-based. It has proven itself as an important stock and options investing strategy. This trend-trading method has profit potential within the stock market even during economic depressions and crises.




The prime trade select system is one of Chuck Hughes’ many stock and options trading strategies. If you’re interested in trading stocks and options with high accuracy and low risk, call Chuck Hughes today at (866) 661-5664 or get more information about Chuck Hughes’ weekly options trading system by emailing Chuck.
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What is the Goal of Prime Trade Select?

The goal of the prime trade select system is to increase profit results by using calculated entry and exit points for buying and selling stock and options.

Chuck Hughes has used the prime trade select system as a successful stock and options investing strategy for over a decade. Because of his personal success using prime trade select, he decided to share his strategy with others. Chuck wants to teach other traders about this trading strategy, in order that they might have a greater profit potential in the stock and options market.

Why Should I Use Chuck Hughes’ Prime Trade Select System?

The stock market can seem chaotic and unpredictable to traders who make their decisions based upon gut feeling. However, using strategic methods, the stock market’s trends can be discovered and used to your advantage.

Prime trade select is a stock and options investing strategy that carries a high profit potential. By basing trades on strategy instead of emotions, profit results can be achieved. The prime trade select system has created high profits with low risk. Chuck Hughes’ trader reviews show success story after success story of traders using Chuck Hughes’ investment strategies.

If you’re ready to receive this exclusive weekly options trading system, call Chuck Hughes today at (866) 661-5664 or learn more about Chuck Hughes’ options investing strategies.
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Points of Entrance into the Market According to Prime Trade Select

Decrease Risk Now!The prime trade select system for entering into a trade is based upon 3 simple steps.

  1. Step 1. Determine the price trend of a stock.
  2. Step 2. Confirm the price trend of the stock.
  3. Step 3. Determine a low risk entry point based upon steps 1 and 2.

Step 1. Determine the Price Trend of a Stock

Chuck Hughes only advises buying stock and entering into a trade in a bullish market. A bullish market is an appreciating market. This is opposite of a bearish market; a market that is depreciating.

The selected stock you are attempting to buy into should have its 50 day EMA (exponential moving average) above its 100 day EMA.

Step 2. Confirm the Price Trend of the Stock

Selected stock should only be bought if it has been at a 52 week high during the last 6 months. The value of the stock must be higher than it was 6 months ago.

Step 3. Determine the Low Risk Entry Point

Entering a trade at low risk entry points is critical to accrue profit from a trade. Keltner channels can provide insight into low-risk entry points. They are indicative of repetitive and predictive price patterns.

Start Trading Options TodayChuck Hughes uses Keltner channels as timing indicators for both entry into stock and exit out of stock. These indicators provide buy and sell signals with high accuracy rate. They should be used when selecting to buy or sell options.

A Keltner channel has a 20 day EMA. The upper and lower channels are two times the average true range of the past 10 days. They are drawn at an equal distance from the central line; one above and one below.

A low-risk entry point would be displayed on a Keltner channel by showing up anywhere on or below the middle band. This is inclusive of the lower channel. This means the lowest-risk entry, or buy point, into a stock or option, would be when it is at or lower than the middle band, or even below the lower channel.

Prime Trade Select Methodology for Exiting a Trade

Chuck Hughes advises traders to be intentional about points of sale. There are three types of exits using the Keltner channel in which the prime trade select system recommends a trader to sell stock:

Type 1 for Selling Stock

Sell a security if it closes 10-15% or more below the entry price of the Keltner channel. This method includes a 25% trailing stop. This exit point strategy is used to reduce risk of further loss.

When stock starts to depreciate, many traders will continue to rid the trail out, in hopes that the stock will turn around. If a stock starts to depreciate, the lowest-risk action is to pull out before you lose more than 10-15%. A 10-15% loss, although disheartening, is minor.

Type 2 for Exiting a Trade

Again, using the Keltner channel, if the stock closes 10-15% or more below the entry price, sell the stock to reduce risk. However, if the stock increases, sell 1/3 of your stock if it increases 30% above entry price. If it continues to rise, sell 1/3 of your stock if it increases 50% above entry price. Hold onto 1/3 of your stock until the price of the stock closes below the ten month SMA (simple moving average) on the last trading day of the month.

Type 3 for Selling Stock

Keeping with risk reduction, sell a stock if it closes 10-15% or more below the entry price on a Keltner channel. However, hold 1/3 of your stock until the price of the stock closes below the twenty month SMA on the last trading day of the month.

Use Chuck Hughes as Your Options Trading Advisory Service

Trade Options with Chuck HughesPrime Trade Select employs stop losses, profit targets and trailing stops. This strategy is beneficial in identifying entry and exit points in the stock market.

Chuck Hughes has found personal success using his weekly options trading system. He has helped other traders obtain profits in the stock and options market using prime trade select.

If you use Chuck Hughes as your stock and options trading advisory service, you will receive the benefit of the prime trade select strategy.

In fact, you won’t even have to strategize yourself. Chuck Hughes applies the prime trade select strategy and tells you exactly when to buy and sell. Chuck will track your trading positions and alert you to suggested position changes as well as to new opportunities on the chart.

Call Chuck Hughes today at (866) 661-5664 to get options trading examples or get more information about Chuck Hughes’ weekly options trading system by becoming a member and start increasing your profit potential!
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