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Ultimate Timing Indicator

My trend following systems recently produced $472,065.39 in net profits in my trading portfolios during difficult market conditions and a period of economic uncertainty.

My trend following systems identify stocks in a price up trend. Once I identify a stock in a price up trend I use my trend confirmation indicators such as On Balance Volume and new 52-Week high to confirm the price trend. I then use the Keltner Channels to select a trade entry and exit point for stocks and options.

The Keltner Channels are one of the simplest but most effective timing indicators that help you time your stock and option trades. The Keltner Channels were originally developed by Chester Keltner and updated by Linda Raschke in the 1980's and are available from Stockcharts.com.

Timing Indicator

Produces $1,123,764.85 in Actual Profits With No Losing Trades

The timing indicator I use has helped me produce $1,123,764.85 in actual current and recent profits with no losing trades. With the current volatile markets a stock’s price can increase or decrease 10% or more on ant given day. The timing of your entry point is critical during volatile markets. Discover how this timing indicator can help you time your entry point for high accuracy stock and option trading.

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