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Trading Options For a Living: Is It Possible?

Anyone can learn how to trade options for a living.

Lots of people think that in order to make a living by trading options you have to have a degree in finances and work on Wall Street- but you don’t! You can be an average person and learn how to make a living by trading options.

Chuck Hughes is the perfect options trading expert to learn from. Thirty years ago he was just an airline pilot who became interested in the options trading market. What started out as a hobby quickly turned into his main source of income.

He started investing daily options for income and soon after quit his job as an airline pilot. From that point on he relied upon trading options for a living.

Thirty years and 8 international options trading championships later, Chuck Hughes has devoted himself to provide options trading strategy to novice options traders in order that they might learn how to make a living by trading options for income.

Start Trading Options for Income with Chuck Hughes

Trade Options for IncomeTrading options as a business does not happen overnight. Options trading is a learned skill.

It’s wise to seek out an options trading agency to help you develop your options income strategies.The options trading market can be very intimidating to someone just starting out.

It can seem difficult to put together a winning strategy when there are so many different strategies to choose from. It is easy to get lost in the market and come out discouraged. Investing in an options trading mentor can be the difference between making and breaking your career in options trading.

Lower your risk of loss and increase your probability of profit by using Chuck Hughes’ options trading recommendations. By using Chuck’s weekly options income strategy you can make money trading weekly options and start trading options as a professional.

Chuck Hughes has 30 years of experience as someone who trades options for a living. Not only is he successful as an options trader, he has experience in providing options trading advice. If you’re considering trading options for a living, Chuck Hughes can help!

Call Chuck today at (866) 661-5664 or become a member of Chuck Hughes Options Advisory Service today to start trading options for income.

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Am I A Good Candidate To Trade Options For A Living?

Yes. Start Today!

Anyone can learn how to create an income by trading options. Even if you don’t have an abundance of money and you don’t have time to learn, you can invest in options and start creating a profit immediately!

Chuck Hughes even offers an auto-trading service for people who can’t devote any time towards the market but who still want to be involved in trading options. The sooner you start trading options the greater chance you have of making money as an options trader.

Don’t quit your job… just yet. Start investing in options trading as a hobby. Then allow it to become something more as you become more comfortable in the options trading market. Using Chuck Hughes’ actual trade strategy can increase your chances of success and lower your risk of loss.

Anyone can earn income by trading options, just remember that:

  1. Trading options for a living takes time.
  2. It is a learned skill.
  3. Chuck Hughes can help!

Trading options for income is an exciting and obtainable goal. But you have to be smart about it. It takes time. Here at Chuck Hughes we value your investment in the options trading market. We work hard to provide you with only proven strategies in order that you might increase your profit and lower your risk for loss.

How Can I Generate Income from Trading Options?

Trade Options for a LivingOne of the first questions you need to ask yourself if you are going to start trading options for income is “How much money do I feel comfortable investing in options?”

This answer is dependent upon two fundamental questions:

1) How much money do you have?

2) How much of a risk are you willing to take with your investment?

Trading weekly options for income is possible because of how lucrative the market can be when you use strategy. You can start trading with just a small amount of money by leveraging your cash. By using the concept of leverage, a large amount of capital can be controlled with only a small amount of money.

However, your potential return on investment (ROI) is dependent upon how much money you are willing to put into the market. If you start out investing $5,000 your potential for returns will not be as large as if you start out investing $25,000.

When Chuck Hughes was starting out in the options trading market, he only had $5,000. Within 2 years Chuck turned $5,000 into more than $460,000 and started trading weekly options for a living. Chuck’s incredible return on investment can be yours if you use Chuck Hughes options trading advisory service.

Trading Options as a Business Is Possible with Chuck Hughes

When trading options for income it is important to learn when to be ambitious and when to be patient. Having the ability to understand the appropriate time to make a trade and when to hold off from trading is critical. Having this understanding comes out of creating strong options trading strategies. This is why using an options trading agency is extremely valuable.

Chuck Hughes utilizes many formulas to help his clients profit from a volatile market. His trading formula includes buying call and put options, bullish and bearish option spreads, covered calls, option cycle trades and bullish and bearish exchange traded fund (ETF) trades. His combined strategies are used to create a Market Volatility Profit (MVP). The MVP allows him and his clients to:

1) Define the amount of risk on any trade before becoming involved in the respective trade.

2) Reduce or even eliminate the stress normally associated with trading in the options market.

3) Construct trades with profit potential that is virtually unlimited.

Start Trading Options NowChuck uses these strategies to provide multiple weekly opportunities for his clients to participate in trading options in various different markets. This may increase the ability of his clients to create a living. His clients may benefit by using Chuck’s proven trading strategies to create an income.

Using Chuck Hughes as your options trading strategist can increase your probability of success in trading options. Because of his experience and due to his successful weekly options income strategy, he will be able to provide you with options income strategies that may provide you with monthly cash flow.

To become a member of Chuck Hughes’ Options Advisory Service,Call Today at (866) 661-5664.

Chuck Hughes’ Success in Trading Options as a Business

When you are searching for an options trading agency it’s important that you can see proof of their trading records. If they are not successful in trading options professionally, they certainly are not worth your time as your options trading agency.

Chuck Hughes’ options trading income came about by his own strategic creation. His most recent options trading results are shown below. These are his most recent ‘open’ and ‘closed’ trades from his personal portfolio for the previous 5 years.

Chuck’s diversified portfolio includes a combination of options trading strategies. This tactic has allowed Chuck to protect his investment while trading options for income and lower his risk of loss.

Inner Circle Year-Over-Year Results

Most Current Open Trade Results

(As of ​Nov. 2, 2017)
Dividend Portfolio $         180,296.43 172.8%
Micro cap Profit Alert $            75,571.52 210.9%
Put Option Portfolio $         147,806.00 158. 9%
Buy Write Portfolio $         276,747.80 127.7%
Option Spread Portfolio $          821,673.00 311.1%
Option Portfolio $          441,832.00 296.8%
Stock Portfolio $          199,649.50 255.7%
Total $      2,143,576.25

Most Current Closed Trade Results

201 7 Results  
Profit/Loss % Return
January 74.0% $  20,360.00
February 30.8% $  11,296.00
March 80.8% $  13,501.00
April 86.2% $  14,812.00
May 108.5% $  25,960.00
 June 55.4% $  17,049.60
July 111.4% $  20,894.00
August 128.9% $  32,476.00
September 150.3% $  32,375.00
October 348.1% ​$  36,200.00

What Is An Open Versus Closed Trade?

If you want to gain options income strategies for monthly cash flow, it’s important to study a weekly options income trader and their strategy. You’ll notice that the graphs above include both Chuck’s open trades and his closed trades. What is the difference?

An open trade simply means that the asset is still owned by the investor and included in his portfolio. It has yet to be traded. An investor’s open trades include trades that he has purchased and still has in his position. Once the investor sells their respective asset, their trade becomes closed.

It’s important to understand open versus closed trades, especially when viewing a person’s portfolio. When a trade is open, a person does not actually know how much profit will or can be made from the transaction. When a trade is closed, a person can view an entire transaction, from the purchase point to the selling point. A closed trade is more representative of the profit or loss that was accrued from the trade simply because the trading process has finished.

You can learn a lot about an options trader by looking at their past options trading records. Chuck Hughes’ options trading records are indicative of a diversified and successful trader. He has built a successful career by trading options for income.

Historical (5-Year) Closed Trade Results

2016 Results 2015 Results 2014 Results
Profit/Loss % Return Profit/Loss % Return Profit/Loss % Return
January 21.1% $45,647.32 128.6% $17,586.66 41% $18,575.59
February 38.3% $11,241.09 62.7% $12,768.00 79.8% $22,155.40
March 29.4% $21,713.00 111.4% $11,870.00 36.0% $22,723.60
April 31.5% $15,634.00 24.7% $16,447.00 148.5% $18,188.30
May 62.5% $14,685.00 200.3% $13,900.00 143.7% $ 17,910.00
 June 132.0% $14,268.40 96.4%  15,120.00 1,395.1% $ 15,001.00
July 2,607.1% $10,950.00 77.5% $12,480.00 36.0% $ 11,880.00
August  84.6% $32,024.00 36.7% $53,298.00  0. 0% $0.00 
September 265.5% $26,937.00 32.5% $40,783.10 121.8% $ 23,400.00
October  37.7% $  9,965.00  0.0%  $0.00  50.2% $ 16,107.00
November  35.2% $ 10,645.00  0.0% $0.00  240.7% $ 25,559.00
December 334.6% $ 20,960.60 152.8% $33,200.00
129.8% $ 21,306.00
2013 Results 2012 Results
Profit/Loss % Return Profit/Loss % Return
January n/a n/a 54.4% $53,100.52
February 414.2% $ 20,137.90 82.0% $24,109.40
March 367.4% $ 22,276.00 46.2% $23,955.00
April 103.1% $ 18,117.85 n/a n/a
May 34.7% $ 18,996.00 17.9% $24,652.00
June 39.5% $ 20,320.75 31.9% $18,406.00
July 370..6% $15,677.60  0.0% $0.00 
August 129.5% $ 17,287.55 n/a n/a
September 82.2% $ 43,592.40 455.9% $38,892.00
October 152.3% $ 21,859.00 191.5% $22,398.20
November 60.7% $ 20,561.00 110.0% $58,750.00
December 62.5% $ 23,397.48 207.9% $ 1,705.00
2011 Results 2010 Results
Profit/Loss % Return Profit/Loss % Return
January 45.2 % $1,07,318.00 37.2% $54,080.00
February 19.8% $ 20,812.75 32.9% $22.854.00
March 33.4% $ 40,238.25 52.7% $24,875.00
April 77.2% $ 45,023.66 45.7% $33,010.00
May 20.0% $ 26,603.61 26.5% $ 7,750.00
June 22.8% $ 34,486.10 67.2% $12,665.00
July 82.1% $ 44,398.10 50.8% $ 7,970.30
August 10.9% $ 42,393.22 29.4% $12,681.18
September 22.9% $ 32,432.00 34.2% $12,540.42
October 20.9% $ 28,158.40 39.6% $31,044.05
November 24.2% $ 34,737.40 69.1% $53,983.36
December 28.7% $ 37,419.30 51.4% $67,039.00

Don’t Wait: Start Trading Options for Income

Now is the perfect time to start trading options, so that soon you might be able to trade options for a living. The options trading market has exploded in recent years due to its limitless opportunity for growth. Don’t let your opportunity to start trading options for income pass you by.

Using Chuck Hughes as your options trading agency, your chance for profit can be increased and your risk of loss decreased when you start to sell weekly options for income.

Call Chuck today at (866) 661-5664 or become a member of Chuck Hughes Options Advisory Service today to start trading options for income.

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