Chuck Hughes Scam?

For every one investor who’s had trouble with our stock, options and ETFs strategies systems and formulas, there have been 50 others who have benefited. Many who claim that Chuck Hughes is a scam aren’t debating the overall trade success. The value of our exclusive trading strategies; they are questioning certain program specifics and guarantees.

Since some have raised concerns over the Internet, we thought we would address them below:

Concern: Inner Circle not portrayed correctly. Hopefully, this definition will help: the Inner Circle is a web-based trading strategy that provides members with trading signals via a proprietary portion of our website. It’s nothing more and nothing less. We can’t control how someone uses the recommendations Chuck Hughes provides.

Concern: Profits don’t show the amount of earnings. Those calling Chuck Hughes a scam don’t like the fact that our monthly reporting data on profits include percentages. Since investments vary considerably from one investor to the next, our style of reporting aims to satisfy the majority, which it does.

Concern: Pushy telemarketing practices. This is a tough area for any company because it comes down to how two individuals communicate; and as such, it can’t really be considered a Chuck Hughes scam. We apologize if our enthusiasm for our trading service or the tactics of is representative, has come off poorly. 

Concern: Refunds are not what I expected. The fine print is important here. Reading it and understanding it, before purchasing one of our services will help avoid any future misunderstandings.

If we can, let us leave you with this: Our firm’s longevity of more than 25 years says a lot. And hopefully, this longevity will prove to you that we’re not a Chuck Hughes scam. We have worked in every type of market condition and have stood the test of time. 

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