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Never in my wildest dreams did I think my plan ‘B’ was going to become my plan ‘A’.

- Daniel J

Greetings Chuck from sunny Florida,


I’m down here with my family enjoying our Florida lifestyle. I just wanted to thank you for helping me achieve my financial independence! I have to admit. I never really looked too hard at stocks. I was big into real estate. I was riding the wave.  At that time my main investments were all in real estate. What started to scare me was the thought of the real estate bubble bursting. I was fearful of not having a good plan ‘B’. I resolved to start diversifying my investment portfolio for safety. I have a wife and kids with mortgages and schools to pay for. I work and I work hard. I had precious little free time. Time I did not want to spend learning complex and perplexing stock strategies. My worst fears came to be. The real estate market bubble burst in a big way. Thank goodness my plan B was in full swing.


I recently did some financial planning and my accountant totaled up my capital gains from stock trading that were listed on my tax return Schedule D. These stock trades were recommended by you. My tax returns show capital gains of $1,437,179 for stock trading. That averages out to over $29,900 per month in come over the four year period. Never in my wildest dreams did I think my plan ‘B’ was going to become my plan ‘A’.  


Your recommendations took very little time to execute. Your strategies were high return with minimal risk. My life allows me very little risk tolerance. I finally feel more secure about my family’s future. Chuck, I’m sending you a big thank you your way! 

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