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I doubled my $85k, passing $170k in
6 months… Then doubled it again, passing $340k in the next 3 months!

- George C
Customs & Border Patrol

I’ve had 100% winners from Chuck. And my account keeps growing like crazy. I’m so excited, I sing his praises everywhere I go.

I’ve been trading options for 2 decades, so I have lots of costly education and experience. But until I found Chuck I wasn’t making money. Too many failures kept eating up a few spectacular winners, always ending in total wipeout (and marital discord).

Over 2 years ago I opened a brokerage IRA, funded by our $104K retirement fund, which turned into $85K in 18 months! I was desperate.

Reading an email about Chuck Hughes' story touched me. Once I decided to sign up, I doubled my $85,000 IRA, passing $170,000 in 6 months and 2 days.

Then I doubled it again, passing $340k in the next 3 months, adding more to our retirement account during that quarter, than the total of our whole year’s salary!

And it keeps on piling up! With only 1 additional deposit of $18K, we were over

$422K in 9 months.

It’s so simple anyone could learn to be successful in under 15 minutes. Spending a few seconds (literally) per position once a week would be sufficient.

I know I don’t have to, but I spend a lot more time than that, instead of playing my favorite iphone games. Reality is far more thrilling (especially when winning).

Loretta & I have 3 kids and 10 grandchildren. And for the longest time I’ve dreamt of leaving each one an inheritance as seed for building wealth, or for college, or a house, or whatever their little hearts desire. Now, we can set up a separate account to be divided between everybody at some point in the future. It’s the right thing to do and it feels really good to do the right thing.

With eternal, and inexpressible gratitude to Chuck and his team.

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