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- Gilles K

I used to fly for the Air Force.  But that kept me away from home too much.  So now I fly domestic and Caribbean routes on the Airbus.  

I like flying, and I enjoy my job.  But the airline I work for has gone through two bankruptcies.  And consequently, they terminated my pension.

I literally lost over 1.5 million dollars in retirement funds.   And in just 8 years, I’ll be facing mandatory retirement.  

So, you can see why I felt so lucky to discover Chuck Hughes…   

With Chuck’s 7-time world championship successes under his belt…  And everything else that he does…  he seemed to be offering the safest way for me to do some investing… with a minimum amount of risk… and gain a sustainable income.  

And it really has worked out very well.  I made about 90% return my first year and I’m getting better all the time.

I could just take Chuck’s trade recommendations and go on my merry way.  But I go along with the old expression:  If you give a man a fish you feed him for the day.  If you teach the man to fish you feed him for a lifetime.  

I want Chuck to be around forever and I want his son to be as zealous as his father.  But if something were to happen tomorrow, I want to know I have the foundation to continue.  And that’s why I try to do as much analysis on my own as I can.

When Chuck makes a recommendation I try to understand how he found it and why he is making the recommendation.  I don’t blindly take everything he does and just plug it in.  I could.  But I don’t.

With Chuck’s Advisory Service you get all the tools, and training, and support you need to understand what’s going on.  And it makes me feel more secure to know I can use that knowledge in the future to make a good steady income, no matter what happens.

So, now my retirement fund growing… I’ve been able to give more money to my church and other charitable organizations… And I’m encouraging my 25-year-old daughter to get involved so she can make her lifestyle easier and happier for herself and my grandchildren.

I guess you could say that Chuck’s Advisory Service is creating somewhat of a legacy.  And that makes my wife and me both very happy.

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