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I’m averaging over $10,000 per month. And it doesn’t take much time.

- Rod W
Retired Pharmacist

I started with Chuck about a year ago and I’m making almost as much as I did as a pharmacist, but with much less stress and a lot fewer hours. 

As of this day I am averaging over $10,000 per month. And it doesn’t take much time.  

That’s the good thing about this.  You can use Chuck’s ideas and it saves you a lot of time on research because he’s already done it for you. So I can spend my time on other things I enjoy.  

And I’ll tell you what, being involved with Chuck makes investing fun!

I was looking down my statement today and I’ve got a whole bunch of stocks that I’m up 300%-400%... 200%... in just 3-6 months.  

One is BLUE… the biochemical company.  I bought the options when Chuck first recommended it.  And I made $5,400 in a little over 1 month.

I’ve been investing for 30 or 40 some odd years. And the problem has always been… sometimes I was successful and other times I was not. Like many of my friends… they talk a big game but they end up losing money because they don’t know what to buy, when to buy, or when to sell it.

But with Chuck you get the emotion out of the equation on investing. He has a rationale as to why I’m going to do this. So therefore my losses have been much less. And because you don’t worry about what you’re doing, it’s more of a peaceful sleep at night.

I have a regular amount I take out every month to live on.  And the rest of it, when I need money I just pull it out.  

We went to Nova Scotia on a cruise.  And we went to the Mediterranean on a cruise. We went to Alaska.  If I hadn’t gotten these investments to where they’re yielding the money they are, we wouldn’t be able to do this.  

One thing I want to do is make sure is that I have enough money in my retirement that I don’t ever have to worry.  

With what I’ve learned from Chuck, I’m even able to spend money on my children and my grandchild without having to worry about it. For example, I have helped two of my children purchase homes. 

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