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Begin Weekly Options Trading

November 12th, 2013

Buying and selling stock options are a new territory for many of our clients. Here we share some pointers, so you too get sound advice for weekly options trading.

Though considered an aggressive strategy, stock options trading can be potentially profitable and rewarding because you get to participate in a stock’s price movement without actually holding the shares yourself and putting out large sums of money.

Weekly Options Trading Service

Plus, you get to buy in at a fraction of the cost that would normally be necessary for true ownership. These facts, and being able to leverage real-time activity, make weekly options trading a choice for many to use in conjunction with stocks.

How Stock Options Trading Works

Let’s say an owner of 75 shares of stock sells a call option. And, you become an option buyer. After paying your premium, you will be granted the right to buy those 75 shares at an agreed upon price for a limited time. If the stock increases, you as an option owner will receive the profit instead of the proceeds going directly to the traditional stockholders—placing you in a very sweet and leveraged position.

Fast-moving, stock options trading can be volatile and speculative. Get more practical advice with Chuck Hughes’ Weekly Options Trading Service, so you can understand the advantages and disadvantages before beginning.

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