Income Trading Strategy

What is Income Trading?

Income trading is a strategy used in the options market. It’s a type of volatility trading; this investment strategy is dependent upon market change and time. Unlike a directional trader, an income trader must take into account how fast or slow stock will move.

An income trader makes money when the market is stagnant and loses money when the market makes drastic movements. This options trading strategy plays against the trading market.


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Income trading is one of the more complicated options trading strategies. If you’re a novice income trader, it’s smart to invest in an options trading strategy. It’s always better to alleviate financial risk by gaining options income strategy through a professional income trader. Learn to trade from someone who is experienced in the options market.

The money market is full of income traders claiming to be expert income strategists. Be aware of scams. Every income trader giving investment advice should be able to provide you with records of their actual executed trades.

Decrease Risk by Trading OptionsChuck Hughes has been executing trades in the options market for over 30 years. His expertise is in conducting options investment research and providing investment solutions to novice and professional income traders.

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Chuck Hughes has won 10 trading championships. He’s well-known in the stock and options trading market for his high rates of success in the money market. His options trading strategies are extremely effective.

Chuck Hughes created wealth from less than $5,000. He started trading options with $4,600 in his account. Within 2 years he had made over $460,000 in profit. He was able to quit his job and make a 6 figure income by doing what he loved.

Chuck was able to gain financial freedom. Chuck has been so successful in the options market that he’s chosen to devote his time to teaching others option strategies.

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The Advantages of Income Trading

Although income trading carries a higher financial risk than other option strategies, there are advantages to income trading. There is plenty of reason to learn to trade options using income trading strategies.

You Can Invest in the Options Market and Still Have a Life

You don’t need to invest in multiple sectors of the stock market. Selection of stock is consistent and includes commodities, equity indexes, and a small choice of liquid stocks. Because stock selection is consistent, the amount of time needed to invest in the options trading market is low.

Income trading strategies are popular for people who work full-time jobs, people who have families and people who have busy lives. The commitment level is much lower than many other investment strategies in the stock and options market.

Create Profit NowThe lack of time commitment is one reason investors make income trades. This is also one of the reasons why Chuck Hughes recommends income trading to his members.

Chuck acknowledges the time constraints that people have. It seems like every day become busier than the last; months fly by, and before we know it, another year has passed.

Although there are many people who might want to day trade for a living, few people can make this work. Most people trade in the stock market as a hobby. Hobbies are supposed to be fun, not tedious.

With Chuck Hughes’ investment advice his members can execute trades with lower financial risk and low time commitment. That means you can make money in the stock market and still have a life!

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Use Option Income Strategies to Minimize Financial Risk

Successful individual investors are always looking for ways to lower their financial risk by increasing their reward to risk ratio. Income trading compliments other stock and options trading strategies and can decrease financial risk by hedging against other investment strategies.

For example, in an uncertain market income trades can cushion the financial loss of a trend trading strategy. Conversely, trend trades will even out the financial losses of income trades in a directional market.

Chuck Hughes can show you how to execute trades with lower risk. He’ll even give you his exclusive option income strategies so you can learn to trade in the options market with lower financial risk.

Option Income Strategies

There are two main types of options income strategies: directional income strategy and non-directional income trading strategy.

  • Directional Income Trading Strategy: Directional income trades rely mostly on the direction that the stock is moving. This includes vertical spread sales, put sales and call sales.
  • Non-Directional Income Trading strategy: Non-directional income trading is also known as Delta-Neutral Trading. This type of trade seeks to make money based upon the decay of option premiums. Delta-neutral trading doesn’t rely on market movements like directional income trading does.

Income Trading Structures

There are three types of structures that make up the bulk of income trading: condors, butterflies, and calendars.

  • Condor: Use this income trading strategy to sell options when volatility is high and there has been a large change in price.
  • Butterfly: Use this option-income strategy when volatility is low and skew is not steep.
  • Calendar: Use this options income trading strategy when volatility is very low.

What is Volatility?

Volatility: The variation within the price of a security over a period of time. Typical volatility time periods include 30 or 90 days, however, the period can include any amount of time. The volatility of a security can refer to different time periods, including past, present and even future. A security’s volatility is usually compared to the most recent actual price in order to better evaluate its movement within the stock market.

Learn to Trade Options with Chuck Hughes

Create Profit by Trading Options

The great thing about trading options is that you can make money even when the market is down. Trading options can be extremely profitable. However, if you’re new to the market, it’s important to learn about options investing for beginners.


Given the opportunity to profit, there is also an opportunity for risk. When you begin trading options, knowing how to maneuver your securities within the market can be difficult.

As a member of Chuck Hughes’ investment trading strategy, you’ll receive proven strategies and option trading tips. Even in markets that are depreciating, you’ll be provided with tips for stocks that are appreciating in value. This is the safest way to learn the options market while protecting your investment.

Chuck’s trading recommendations can increase your chance of profit and minimize your risk of loss with income trading strategies in the options market. Read options trading success stories from people who have become members of Chuck’s investment trading strategy.

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