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Options Trading Success Stories

Find Success with Chuck Hughes!

Lots of people have found success with Chuck Hughes options trading recommendations.

Chuck’s background as a world trading champion and his experience in providing options trading recommendations allow him to create success for members of his options trading trading strategies.

Chuck Hughes is a professional options and stock trader. He’s been trading options and stocks for almost 30 years and he’s extremely successful. He is a 8 times World Trading Champion; that’s more than anyone else in Champion Trading history.  View Chuck Hughes’ accomplishments in the international options trading championships.

Chuck has been providing professional wealth trading strategiess for almost 30 years. His wealth trading strategy group is a trusted resource for receiving stock trading strategiess and options trade recommendations.

“I described you to my investment partner by telling him that you were like the Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods of Option Trading and Training.”

- Options Trading Trading strategy Service Review by Winston H.

Bob: “.....I’m trying to get where I can find my own trades and make at least 200% a year. I can already make 100% or so. We’ve been doing that for the past 3 or 4 years. But my goal is to make 200% or 300%. We only invest about 5% of our account in any one trade; so we need to win big and win often to compete with the trading master.”

Myra: “Bob wants to be a champion trader like Chuck.”

Bob: “Well, no one expects to compete with Chuck’s 8-win record. But, I’d like to win at least once.”

- Options Trading Success Story by Bob & Myra B.

Chuck Hughes Investment Trading strategy Service Works

How can I become rich? This is a question most of us ask, but few of us have the answer.

It seems like it’s harder to get rich than it used to be. In a survey by MSN Money, 63% of Americans say it is not too likely or not at all likely they'll get rich.

Chuck Hughes created wealth from less than $5,000. He started trading options with $4,600 in his account. Within 2 years he had made over $460,000 in profit. He was able to quit his job and make a 6 figure income by doing what he loved.

Chuck was able to gain financial freedom. Because he had such success in wealth creation, he started teaching others how to make money in the stock and options trading market. Now others have become successful as options traders. View Chuck's record of his options trading profits and become a member of Chuck Hughes investment trading strategies today.Become a Member

Hi Chuck. I want to say thank you for the job you are doing. Your picks are great.”

- Options Trading Trading strategy Service Review by Eric M.

Chuck Hughes Options Trading Recommendations can Provide a High Return on Investment

Thousands of people have been successful in options trading through the use of Chuck Hughes’ options trading recommendations.

Options Trading Success Stories

“I joined Chuck’s organization five months ago and I’ve already earned 9 or 10 times what I paid to join. It’s the best investment I ever made” "....Following his recommendations the profits started rolling in right away… My percentage of winning trades is around 80%-90%. My trading account is already up 50%. And growth is really accelerating fast.”

- Options Trading Success Story by Dr. Dave

“I'm a MVP member. I bought your rec'd option 0f EFUBT--Feb 100 call on 8/25 for $15.40/contract, I sold it today for $93.60 ( a 508% gain!!!!) on weakening MACD & ADX. I am hoping to roll it over to FEB 135 next week if the market has an up day, currently the EFUBG is $72. Would this be advisable, is it still a buy, or wait for one of your new rec'd? Thank you, especially for the 505% return.”

- Options Trading Success Story by Harry A.

Chuck Hughes is Trustworthy

Create Profit NowWhen you’re interested in becoming a member of an investment trading strategies, it’s important to research different options trading companies. A trustworthy options trading strategies will be experienced. They should be able to provide their clients with past records and evidence of successful trades in the stock market.

Chuck Hughes’ options trading methods are proven. Just look at his results from the international options trading championships. Many options trading strategiess will promise success but they won’t show their trade results.

Chuck Hughes wants you to look at his trade results. He offers proof of his successful options trading results. Still not convinced? Watch video testimonials of successful traders!

“I am sending you & our WCA group my latest trade find! I spent over four hours of my time in research. I have (in closed trades) made $10,545 in the last three weeks with a $50,000 account & still have a week to go with some open trades. I made 21 trades, 4 were Chuck's recommendations for $4,000+ profit & 17 were my own (Chuck's teaching manuals) for $6,545 (126,545 annualized).”

- Options Trading Education Reviews by Edwin M.

Chuck Hughes Service Exceeds an Options Trading Course

Investing money in the stock market can be extremely stressful. If you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, you can increase your risk for loss. Options trading courses can be extremely confusing. Options trading courses provide education about options trading, but they don’t give you actual trade recommendations. Chuck Hughes does.

It’s easier to increase wealth than many people believe it to be. By using Chuck Hughes’ investment trading strategies, you don’t even have to attend a course. All you have to do is Sign Up

“I started trading back in 1999. I took a trading course, but the rules were so confusing I never really knew what to do. I’d think… This looks right so I’d place a trade, but then it would start going against me and I’d get out. And it would end up turning around and going my way. Or maybe I’d stay in a losing trade too long. Until I’d decide, you know this is stupid. Then I’d end up getting out with a bigger loss than I should have. The whole thing was just insane. And I lost money…

Then about five years ago I took Chuck’s course. I read the entire thing, and it made good sense. And I knew it was something I could do. You have your rules of the trade and you just follow them. If it’s time to get out, you get out. And if you should stay in and keep going, then you do that.

Overall I’m probably getting 75%-80% winners, with a risk/reward of at least 3-to-1. It’s very good.”

- Options Trading System Review by Steve F.

Chuck Hughes Offers an Options Trading Strategies 

Start Trading Options Now

“In ’93 I became semi-retired and went looking for some good trading software. I remembered Chuck, and I purchased an analysis of his software from John Hill; I trust John’s judgment and his evaluation was very favorable.

So I gave Chuck a call. As a commercial pilot, he flew some of the planes I’d been involved with building. We got to talking aviation and I ended up buying his software. And it really did quite well. Then about 5 years ago I bought his Fail-Safe program. And I’ve had very good success with that too. 


I do maybe 200-250 trades a month. I trade from 7:30 to 9:00 every morning. Then I spend the rest of the day doing whatever I like, such as hiking in the mountains. My wife and I hike at least 5 miles in the woods just about every day, weather permitting. And we like to do some traveling too. It’s a good life.

I’m in terrific health, but I’m 68 years old now. And my wife is much younger. She’ll need a solid income long after I’m gone. And, we have four granddaughters we want to put through college too. Chuck is a man I feel I can trust with my family’s financial future. I use his methods now. And when I’m done trading for myself, he’s the one I want to do the trading for me and my family.”

- Options Trading Trading strategy Service Review by Don T.

Chuck Hughes’ Options Trading Videos

Chuck Hughes offers many resources that you may use to learn options and learn trading. His options trading videos and webinars are an invaluable resource for people of all levels, beginning options traders and successful options traders, to take their options trading skills to the next level.

As a successful trader, Chuck Hughes has dedicated himself to help others learn how to trade options and become successful options traders. Check out Chuck Hughes' videos about how to trade options.

“I was surfing YouTube and I found your presentation on MACD as a leading indicator extremely useful and was pleasantly surprised to see how a lagging indicator can be very effectively used as a leading indicator. You have made a difference in the way I trade, thank you.”

- Options Trading Education Review by Kaizad D.

Chuck Hughes’ Options Trading Workshops

Decrease Risk When You Trade OptionsThere is nothing quite like face-to-face learning. If you’re interested in learning how to trade options, options trading workshops are extremely effective. Chuck Hughes provides in-person options trading workshops. Get more information about the Chuck Hughes’ workshops.

“My heartfelt thank you for your time and your generous effort to help us at WCA workshop. My trip to your workshop has been very fruitful and worthwhile. I came home with a lot of learning from one-day workshop like your methods of deep ITM spreads, option income strategy and the ideal strategy for volatile markets. I will follow your proven winning strategies.”

- Options Trading Success Story by Joe K.

Options Trading Success Stories with Chuck Hughes

Members of Chuck Hughes’ Options Trading strategy Service receive exclusive options trading recommendations. Chuck Hughes’ Investment Trading strategy Service has helped many people become successful options traders.  Join us as a member of Chuck Hughes’ options trading strategies today and start accruing the wealth you’ve always dreamed of.Become a Member

"I made nearly $30,000 profit in just one day!"

- Options Trading Success Story by Dr. Jack

"In a very volatile… down market… Net gain was $12,000 in March, and in April I made another $10,000!"

- Options Trading Trading strategy Service Review by Eric G.

"I have been a subscriber for approximately seven months. What I lacked in computer literacy has been amply compensated by the help of your support staff. Together with your recommendations I have been able to compile a substantial record of very profitable trades."

- Options Trading System Review by Dr. Jack


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Chuck Hughes

  • 5 out of 5 stars
    William J
    I like your training strategies.


  • 5 out of 5 stars
    Ron S
    I've made money so I'm happy. I'm also pleased that the services (I subscribe to 3 of them WCA, Weekly and Inner Circle) operate on a reasonable schedule. I live on the west coast as does Mr Hughes and his team. I don't check my email at 7:30 or 8am and find they sent out an alert for me to take action at the open, which is 6:30am here. I also like the nature of the trades in that it isn't necessary for me to be tied to my computer to make trades the instant the recommendation is received. I have found that making trades an hour or two later or even the next day is fine. In other words I benefit from Mr Hughes recommendations without giving up my life. If you are looking for ways to improve, I have two suggestions: 1. A little more communications. It would be good to hear from time to time what Chuck and his team are thinking. Today, it would be good to know how they view the sudden jump in the yield on the 10 year note and actions they are planning depending on how it plays out. It's October and the one and only communique I have received was back in early February. I'm not suggesting something everyday or every week, but perhaps every six weeks or so. Out of characters


  • 5 out of 5 stars
    Michael H
    The experience has been fine , I feel you could give a bit more guidance on the trades


  • 5 out of 5 stars
    Louis D
    I am very pleased with the program. I feel I have a lot to learn, and feel I am growing and learning more on a daily basis


  • 5 out of 5 stars
    Linda M
    Very happy with my returns.


  • 5 out of 5 stars
    John O


  • 5 out of 5 stars
    Joan F
    I appreciate having the videos to learn from and the benefit of getting the alerts about trades.


  • 5 out of 5 stars
    James D
    Highly satisfied thus far.


  • 5 out of 5 stars
    Bruce B


  • 5 out of 5 stars
    Arthur L
    I am impressed with the results and wish that I had found your weekly options advisory a long time ago. I am a retired Vet and I am trying to make the most of my assets in retirement. Your program will help. "A LOT " Thank you!


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