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He has achieved the title of ​Champion Trader 10 times over.

Safety and protection is Chuck's #1 priority with investing.

His trend following system can be applied to stocks, options, currencies, and commodities.

During his first two years of trading, Chuck made over $460,000 in profits. Chuck has successfully made millions of dollars with his trend following system, and he shares much of his knowledge through educational trading videos.

This simple trend following system will trade with the trend. How does this trend system differ from others? Well, Chuck has produced educational and informational trading videos to share his ideas and techniques for you to view for free.

These trading videos cover the following topics:

Trading In The Direction of The Major Trend
Trade Selection Process
High Profitability Trade Signals
Low-Risk Strategy Produces 69% Average Return
Chuck's Actual Trading Profits
Investing in Commodity Stocks
Why Stocks Always Out Perform All Other Investments
The Best Ways to Trade Options
Option Income Strategy
• Collecting a 49% Cash Dividend Over 6 Months
Profiting in Non-Trending Markets
3 Keys to Successful Short Trading
The Ultimate Timing Indicator
Volatility Strategy
A Great Trading Strategy for 2010
2010's Best Profit Opportunity
2011's Best Profit Opportunity