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Fundamental Indicators

Chuck uses a combination of fundamental and technical indicators to select stocks and options with the best profit potential. These indicators currently show Chipotle, MasterCard and Apple in a confirmed price up trend with high rates of equity growth. Historically, stocks with a high rate of equity growth in a strong price up trend have produced excellent returns.

In this video we will learn three key fundamental indicators that when used in combination with our technical trend indicators can help you select stocks and options with the best profit potential.

These three key fundamental indicators were used to select the stocks in Chuck Hughes' Inner Circle option portfolio which currently has an open trade profit of $174,090.00 and an average return of 163.8%.

Fundamental Indicator

I have learned through experience that companies that have a high rate of stockholder's equity growth have normally provided the best investment returns over time.

The price graph below depicts the growth in Apple stock price and the growth of Apple's stockholder's equity. Notice how Apple has been able to grow its stockholder's equity at a very high rate over the past 5 years from about $9 Billion to $68 Billion.

Apple's stock price has also grown at a high rate. In this video discover why stockholder's equity is a great fundamental indicator that helps us identify stocks with the best profit potential.

Chart I