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Update on This Year’s Best Profit Opportunity

Apple stock has been trending up since our video outlining Apple as this year’s best profit opportunity. Although Apple stock is over extended as a result of the recent price increase, it is still undervalued by historical standards and I plan to purchase more if Apple stock retraces back to support. Discover a great timing indicator that I use to time entry and exit points.

Finding the Best Profit Opportunites

The stock market spent most of this year in volatile, choppy price action with no clear price trend. The major indexes have now broken to the upside and market leaders are trending well and producing substantial profits. With hundreds of stocks now in a price up trend how do you select the best profit opportunities?

In this video we will discover how to spot market leaders with the best profit potential. My selection process has produced substantial real time profits in market leaders such as Apple, Freeport McMoRan, BIDU, Amazon, Chipotle,, F5 Networks, Netflix and Caterpillar. I currently have $518,094.99 in real time profits with no losing trades. Learn how to spot market leaders in this trending market with the best profit potential.

Chart I

These Stocks Are A Buy

I am always on the look out for leading stocks in a price up trend that become temporarily oversold. This usually sets up as a great buying opportunity. For example, the stocks listed below recently became oversold which provided a great buying opportunity. I listed the percent gain for these stocks after they became oversold.

Chart I

Currently Bidu and Digital River are oversold. Discover how this oversold condition in these stocks represents a good buying opportunity.

Chart II