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The Super Option Portfolio

In this video we will explore a unique strategy that uses a combination of technical and fundamental analysis to select options with the best profit potential.

Brokerage account statements presented in this video show that Chuck's Super Option Portfolio currently has an average return of 516.5% and has produced over $1.8 million in actual profits over the past 5 years with 91.5% accuracy.

In this video we will discuss:

  • Super Option Portfolio Trade Selection
  • Option Strike Price Selection using the 1% rule
  • Super Option Portfolio Trades you can take tomorrow
  • Q & A session
  • Three High Probability Trades

    In this video, viewers will receive 3 'High Probability' signals for Super Portfolio stocks. These signals can be used to purchase stock or call options for the 3 Super Portfolio stocks.

    High Probability signals do not occur that often but when they do, a very powerful rally normally ensues. For example, the last 5 High Probability signals for Apple produced an average rally of 81.1% producing substantial profits for traders who purchased call options when these High Probability signals occurred.

    Super Portfolio Stocks

    In this video we will learn how this combination of technical and fundamental analysis has produced a $195,864 profit and an average return of 104.3% for the Super Portfolio.

    Copies of Chuck's brokerage account Profit/Loss Reports included in this video show $326,331.04 in actual profits for his Super Portfolio stocks.

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    The Super Portfolio Option Spread Strategy

    The Super Portfolio is a spread strategy that:

    1. Buys stocks/ETFs that are performing well despite Europe and the slow growing US economy
    2. And sells weekly call options on weaker sectors such as Europe, China and energy against the Super Portfolio stocks

    This spread strategy allows you to profit from the best performing stocks and at the same time profit from selling weekly calls against weak sectors such as Europe, Brazil, China and energy.

    Covered calls place a limit on the profit potential of a trade but this spread strategy does not cap your upside potential if a stock moves up in price.

    For example, Chuck currently has a 37% profit on Super Portfolio stock TJX and at the same time he has been profiting from selling call options on Europe, China, Brazil and energy ETFs. Selling ETF option premium against this stock has not capped his upside profit.

    Learn how the Super Portfolio can profit during any type of market condition.