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PowerTrend Stock Trading

In this video, we will explore the PowerTrend System for trading stocks. The PowerTrend System is a mechanical trend following system that uses the 10-Month Simple Moving Average of a stock to generate clearly defined ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ signals. This enabled us to do historical testing over the past ten years. 

The profit/loss for each trade was calculated, and a cumulative total was maintained over the ten year test period. Profits were reinvested. We tested a portfolio of five stocks and five ETFs that are listed below. Profit results do not include commissions.

PowerTrend Stock Trading.png

The historical results are based on investing $1,000 in each stock/ETF for a total investment of $10,000. Over the ten year period the initial $10,000 investment grew to $55,887 producing a $45,887 profit and a 458.8% return.