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Chuck uses a combination of fundamental and technical indicators to select stocks with the best profit potential. He has learned through experience that companies that have a high rate of stockholder's equity growth have normally provided the best investment returns over time.

Stocks that have a strong stockholder's equity growth rate and are in a strong price up trend have the most profit potential going forward.

In this video we will discover three stocks that are currently a "buy" based on strong fundamental and technical indicators.

REIT Portfolio Outperforms S&P 500 Index 90 to 1

Real estate investment trusts (REITs) are a special type of corporation that do not have to pay U.S. federal income tax if they pay out at least 90% of their net income in the form of dividends to their shareholders. REITs enable small investors to participate in income producing real estate investments.

Like MLPs, REITs are required by regulation to pay their income directly to their shareholders. And like MLPs, REITs are able to pay much bigger dividends than other dividend paying stocks because they pay no tax.

Due to their favorable tax treatment REITs are ideal for the small investor. There are dozens of REITs that have been delivering dependable returns to investors for many years.

Learn how a portfolio of REITs produced an average return of 817% versus 9% for S&P 500 Index over the past ten years.

Why Stocks Always Out Perform All Other Investments

The ability of companies to grow their net worth through retained earnings has always allowed stock investing to out perform all other investments including gold, real estate, bonds and commodities.

In this video we will learn how to identify companies that are growing their net worth at a high rate and as a result present the best profit opportunities. Learn how a $10,000 investment in companies that are growing their net worth at a high rate grew to over 6 million dollars producing a 60,000% return that out performed all other type of investments.

This Investment Outperformed All Other Investments Over the Past 70 Years

Chuck's experience investing in micro cap stocks over the past 17 years and his data research has led to the discovery of the vast profit opportunity available from investing in micro cap stocks. Chuck's research reveals that micro cap stocks provide the best investment returns compared to all other types of investments.

The table below compares the growth of a $1,000 investment for various investments over the past 70 years. This table dramatically reveals that micro cap stocks out perform all other investments by a wide margin. A $1,000 investment in 1940 in micro cap stocks grew to an incredible 11.4 million dollars by 2010!

Over the same period the growth of a $1,000 investment in Treasury Bills, gold, Treasury Notes, corporate bonds and home prices ranged from $16,817 to $63,131 and was insignificant compared to the returns for micro cap stocks.

In this video discover why micro cap stocks provide the best profit opportunities available today.