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PowerTrend System generate buy and sell signals

In this video, we will explore The PowerTrend trend following system. PowerTrend utilizes the 1-Month price of a stock in relation to the 10-Month Simple Moving Average to generate buy and sell signals.

The Team conducted ten years of historical studies using the PowerTrend System to generate buy and sell signals for 5 stocks and 5 ETFs in different market sectors.

Historical studies show:

The system was profitable every year with an average yearly return of 18.9%

There were 40 winning trades, 14 losing trades = 74.1% accuracy

Gross Profits 1,958.4%, Gross Losses 68.4% = 28.6 Profit to Loss Ratio

Average winning trade +49.0% profit

Average losing trade - 4.9% loss

PowerTrend exited losing trades before they developed into large losses which is key for money management. We also use the PowerTrend System to generate signals for option trades. Learn how to implement the PowerTrend Trend System for trading stocks, ETFs and options.