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Trade Signals with High Probability

The Keltner Channels are one of the simplest but most effective timing indicators that help you select trade entry and exit points.

The Keltner Channels are also useful in identifying high probability buy and sell signals, selecting option strike prices and allow you to select stocks with repetitive and predictive price patterns. Learn more about this versatile and easy to use stock market timing indicator that will help you make your trade selections.

Keltner Channels:

  • Provide high probability buy and sell signals
  • Can be used to help select option strike prices
  • Allow you to select stocks with repetitive and predictive price patterns

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Dividend Strategy Produces 84% Average Return

Investing in companies that consistently raise their dividends is one of the best overall investing strategies. Chuck likea to reinvest cash dividends in additional shares of stock which enables him to compound his returns. In this video we will learn how this low risk strategy has produced excellent returns despite the market volatility and uncertain economy.

These 7 Stocks/ETFs Are a Buy

The recent market volatility has produced a whole new list of great buying opportunities in stocks such as Apple, Schlumberger, the NASDAQ Index, Costco, IBM, United Technologies and the S&P 500 Index. These stocks are in a strong price up trend but have become temporarily oversold. Discover how this pattern usually sets up as a great buying opportunity.