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chuck-hughes-newsletter-signup-pop.jpgThe Leasehold Rewards Program (LRP) gets its name from the fact that you can use its strategies to profit without owning a single one of the underlying stocks. In less than three years of testing this disruptive trading method, Chuck Hughes earned almost $2 million in profits.
If you need to catch up with bills, add to your kid's college fund, or plan for a comfortable retirement, you need an effective investment plan. Ideally, this plan to fuel fast payouts while guarding against market risk. Today, ordinary investors with any amount can enroll in the Chuck Hughes Leasehold Rewards Program. These are the same kind of direct trading services that were once unobtainable.

About the Chuck Hughes Leasehold Rewards Program

This tested trading strategy has nothing to do with investing fortunes in stocks or even using covered calls or credit spreads. Instead, it provides investors with these little-known but extremely powerful trading lessons:

  • Earn profits from equities without actually owning them: Learn when and how to lease equities for a fraction of the price of buying them. At the same time, earn payouts based upon market performance.
  • Uncover profitable options pricing secrets: Discover an options pricing quirk that almost nobody has noticed. See how to leverage this hidden gem for almost automatic profit potential.
  • See Chuck Hughes' account statements: Get inspired by viewing the actual statements that demonstrate the strategies Chuck Hughes teaches, earning almost $10 million in just 10 years.
  • Get weekly stock picks and have LRP strategies explained: Every member gets a weekly newsletter with a market overview and analysis, a screenshot from the Optioneering Profit Calculator to demonstrate potential profits, and lists of up-to-date market opportunities.

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Benefits of the Leasehold Rewards Program

Because the Leasehold Rewards Program doesn't require members to purchase hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of stocks to earn a profit, it's suitable for people with even a modest account balance. Chuck Hughes, himself, began investing with less than $5,000. Within just two years, using all the strategies he teaches in his wealth trading services, Mr. Hughes earned $460,000 in profits.

Chuck Hughes Leasehold Rewards Program focuses on one of the lowest-risk strategies, called a debit spread. Regular investors can use this option tactic in almost all brokerage, IRA, and 401(K) accounts. The debit spread consists of:

  • Buying a call option on a stock that is on a 'buy' signal and selling a call option for the same underlying stock with a higher strike price with the same expiration date.

  • The sold call option provides an immediate payment, and offers protection against price declines.

Members get email alerts when new trades are opened or existing trades are closed out. They also get a chance to understand Chuck Hughes' strategies and tools in order to take more control of their financial future.


Who is Chuck Hughes?

In just 10 years, Chuck Hughes utilized and tested his trading strategies in order to earn almost $10 million dollars. Just as impressive, he earned almost half a million in his first two years. And yet, he began with only $4,600 in his account on the first day he began. After 30 years of trading, he wants to leverage his own success to introduce new generations of traders to better strategies for wealth creation.

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