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The Mad Hedge Fund Trader Interviews Chuck Hughes

Chuck Hughes accumulated his wealth leading to financial freedom without a lot of capital or support gained from growing up in a rich family. Neither did he receive the fruits of a large inheritance. Rather in 1984, Chuck Hughes was working as a junior airline pilot and he was the father of a new baby daughter in a new house with a large mortgage payment and another child on the way.

Motivated to find freedom from these new expenses, Chuck Hughes attended a trading seminar given by Larry Williams on how to trade stock indexes. During this seminar, Chuck learned about the concept of using mechanical trading systems to make trading decisions compared to trying to predict the future.

Learn to Trade Options from Chuck HughesThis instruction proved to be very influential as Chuck took $4,600 and turned it into $68,304 at the end of 1985. One year later, this capital gains amount turned into $391,134.

These capital gains figures show that Chuck Hughes learned and put into practice successful stocks and options investing strategy. Eventually, he would share his knowledge so that others could trade like Chuck too.

In 1985, Chuck Hughes started participating in trading contents using real money. Initially, he placed tenth in the United States Trading Championship obtaining a 76.1% return over a four-month period. The next year Chuck substantially increased his return to 260% placing third.

In the 1990's, Chuck Hughes started participating in the ​Trading Championships achieving like success. Chuck Hughes has won the ​options trading championship eight times. While many successful traders have won this championship, few have won it again and again like Chuck Hughes. Do you want to trade like Chuck?

With success, Chuck Hughes turned his initial motivation to seek financial freedom from his mounting expenses as a young father with a new mortgage payment to helping others earn the same sort of wealth and monetary independence.

In 2001, Chuck published The Guaranteed Real Income Program: A Practical Guide to Winning in the Financial Markets introducing the many opportunities available through stock and options trading.

In 2006, Chuck followed up his “GRIP” book with The Fail-Safe Path to Financial Freedom: How to Turn $20,000 into One Million Dollars. The goal of this publication is to explain six steps to use to achieve financial independence by turning $20,000 into one million dollars.

Trade Stocks with Chuck HughesIn 2008, Chuck Hughes teamed up with fellow stock and options trader Ryan Christopher to write The Wealth Building Formula. This book provides powerful trading strategies enabling you to become a profitable trader maintaining a 4 to 1 Reward to Risk Ratio.

The Wealth Building Formula discusses approaches including investing in companies with solid growth in stockholder’s equity as a measure of intrinsic value of the company.

Also, strategies include investing with the trend considering the crossing of the 50-Day and 100-Day Exponential Moving Averages (EMA) tracked in Chuck Hughes’s EMA crossover system.

Chuck Hughes and Ryan Christopher also explain the benefits of using leverage found through option trading. All of these stock and option trading strategies help you invest with a high rate of return minimizing risk.

At the end of their book, Chuck and Ryan offer the wealth creation alliance service. The Private Wealth Group Trading strategy service provides support to members through recommendations for trades using the wealth building formula trading strategies.

How do you trade like Chuck? For more information about Chuck Hughes’s successful stock and options trading strategies leading to financial freedom and wealth accumulation, Contact Chuck Hughes below, or call (866) 661-5664 now.

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