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How can I become rich?

This is a question most of us ask, but few of us have the answer.

It seems like it’s harder to get rich than it used to be. In a survey by MSN Money, 63% of Americans say it is not too likely or not at all likely they'll get rich.

Chuck Hughes created wealth from less than $5,000. He started trading options with $4,600 in his account. Within 2 years he had made over $460,000 in profit. He was able to quit his job and make a 6 figure income by doing what he loved.

Chuck was able to gain financial freedom. Because he had such success in wealth creation, he started teaching others how to make money in the stock and options trading market.

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How Can I Increase My Wealth?

It’s easier to increase wealth than many people believe it to be. There are three simple steps that should be followed in order to increase wealth.

1. Set Aside Money In Order to Invest in the Stock Market

Set aside a designated amount of money every month for investing. Even if it is a small amount, get in the habit of setting aside a portion of your income. You can start today!

2. Contact a Wealth Trading strategy Group

Investing money in the stock market can be extremely stressful. If you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, you can increase your risk for loss. Instead of investing blindly, utilize a wealth trading strategy group.

Wealth trading strategy groups can increase your potential for profit and decrease your risk of loss. Investing money in the stock market is a trial and error process. Chuck Hughes provides wealth trading strategies that can help you perfect your strategies for wealth.

3. Invest Your Money in the Stock Market

Decrease Risk Trading OptionsBecause your money is more important to you than to anyone else, you should be the one trading stock and options. Don’t hand your money over to an investment management service; keep it.

But use a stock trading strategies company like Chuck Hughes to provide you with stock and options trading strategies.

By doing this, you’ll benefit from receiving stock trading tips, however, you’ll retain full control over your money and your investments. By maintaining control of your money, you’ll be the one to profit entirely from your investments.

If you’re ready to start trading in the stock market in order to create wealth, call Chuck Hughes at (866) 661-5664 or of Chuck Hughes’ wealth trading strategies. The sooner you start trading in the stock market, the sooner you can increase your potential for wealth.
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What is a Wealth Trading Strategy?

A wealth trading strategy can provide different services in order to help you create wealth. Chuck Hughes’ wealth trading strategy provides stock and options recommendations to help you create wealth through the stock market.

Wealth trading strategies historically were only used by extremely wealthy people. Generally, families with large fortunes would acquire a private investment advisor in order to handle their finances and stock and option investing decisions.

However, nowadays many people use public stock trading strategies to provide stock market recommendations and strategy so that they might be able to grow their wealth.

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Why is it Important to Have a Wealth Trading Strategy?

Everybody is interested in growing their personal wealth, but not many people take the action to become wealthy.

If you’re interested in investing your money wisely and in managing your finances efficiently in order to increase your wealth, you can increase your chance for wealth and decrease your level of risk by getting strategic recommendations from a wealth trading strategy.

How Do You Choose a Wealth Trading Strategy?

When choosing between wealth trading strategies, it’s important to research different firms. A trustworthy wealth trading strategy group will be experienced. They should be able to provide their clients with past records and evidence of successful trades in the stock market.

Chuck Hughes is a professional options and stock trader. He’s been trading options and stocks for almost 30 years and he’s extremely successful. He is a 10 times Trading Champion; that’s more than anyone else in Champion Trading history.

Chuck has been providing professional wealth trading strategies for almost 30 years. His wealth trading strategy group is a trusted resource for receiving stock trading strategies and options trade recommendations. Check out Chuck Hughes’ stock trading profits.

Most Current Trade Results

Below are the most recent profit opportunity results for Chuck's Inner Circle Trading Strategy 'open' and 'closed' trades. View Chuck's historical trading results for his Inner Circle Trading Strategy.


Chuck's Weekly Options Trading Service

Below are the most recent profit opportunity results for Chuck's Weekly Options Trading Service for both 'open' and 'closed' results.



With support from Chuck Hughes’ wealth trading strategy, you’ll be able to successfully manage your stock and options trades in order to grow wealth at every opportunity.

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Chuck Hughes Is Easier than an Options Trading Course

The biggest advantage about Chuck Hughes’ Stock and Options Trading Service is that it is not an options trading course.

In today’s world, everyone is busy. We have too much to do and more things that require our attention than we have time to focus on. Between jobs, families, and just surviving the daily trials and tribulations of life, there is not time to spend taking extracurricular courses for our hobbies and our own enjoyment.

So how can you break into the options trading market without taking an options trading tutorial?

Chuck Hughes Can Help!

Chuck Hughes has helped people in over 30 countries learn how to trade options without requiring them to enroll in options trading courses. He has produced successful options traders out of people who started with no skill or knowledge of the options trading market. Give yourself a break and let Chuck Hughes show you how to become an options trader.

Why waste time by taking an options trading tutorial when all you want is to make money by trading options? Chuck Hughes’ Stock and Options Trading Strategy allows you to focus your time on what matters to you and still be involved in the options trading market.

If Chuck Hughes Isn’t Providing Me with Options Trading Lessons, What Can He Do For Me?

Chuck Hughes’ Investment Trading Strategy members are provided with something which is more valuable than options trading lessons- they are given his actual options trading strategy. Chuck found that the most successful way to help his clients was by giving them his actual trading secrets.

Chuck realized people didn’t want to take a trading options course; they wanted to be given information. The easiest way to help people make a profit wasn’t through training; it was through the hand-off of options trading strategy.

Chuck Hughes’ goal is to help you become successful. Because when you are successful as an options trader, we become a successful options trading strategy service. Become a member of Chuck Hughes Options Trading Strategy today and start trading options without spending time taking options trading lessons.

How Can I Start Trading Options Without Taking an Options Trading Course?

It’s Easy - All YOU have to do is Call Us and we’ll take care of the rest!Trade Options

  1. When you call we will sign you up to become a member of Chuck Hughes’ Options Trading Strategy.
  2. We will send you Chuck Hughes’ actual options trading strategies.
  3. You trade options by using his proven options trading strategy.

Options Trading Tutorial: The Basics of Trading Options

Keep it simple - trading options does not have to be complicated. What do you NEED to know?

  • Options are ‘derivatives’ that derive their value from the price of underlying stock.
  • Call options profit as the underlying stock moves up in price.
  • Put options profit as the underlying stock moves down in price.

Still convinced that you want to take options trading lessons?

Chuck can provide you with all the information you need to know about the options trading market, including options trading education and options trading strategy. He can teach you how to trade options in his video options trading online course. To find an options trading tutorial, Check out Chuck’s videos on how to trade options.

What Options Trading Training Does Chuck Hughes Provide?

By becoming a member of Chuck Hughes’ Options Trading Strategy, you will gain exclusive access to Chuck Hughes’ options trading strategies. More than 30 years ago, Chuck Hughes created his own options trading strategy. Using his own strategy, he became an options trading champion; ​10 times!

Chuck found such success with this unique strategy that he decided to help others gain the financial freedom that he found. Chuck Hughes’ Options Trading Strategy is founded upon the options trading strategy he has created.

Instead of guessing when the stock market is going to bottom out, use proven strategy from an experienced professional. Chuck will teach you how to build your wealth in the same way that he built his.

With Chuck Hughes’ program you’ll be able to take advantage of multiple weekly and monthly profit opportunities. Chuck Hughes is offering you his options trading strategy. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from one of the best options traders in the market!

Learn to Increase Your Wealth without Having to Attend an Options Trading Course

The principle of trading options is to produce a profit. A person trades options with the hope that they will increase their wealth. Chuck has never lost sight of this larger goal. He incorporates his options trading strategy with wealth creation strategy, so that, when you do make a profit, you can manage your money appropriately.

The reason Chuck even got in to options trading was because of his belief system in the stock market. He created a wealth building formula that is founded upon the idea that one can produce the largest amount of wealth by trading in the stock market over any other form of investing. The stock market, which includes options trading amongst many other types of involvement in stocks, has an unending potential; that is what makes options trading so exciting.

When you sign up to become a member of Chuck Hughes’ Options Trading Strategies, you will gain access to Chuck’s wealth building formula, options trading strategy and stock market tips. Don’t wait to call. You could be well on your way to wealth!

What is a Financial Portfolio?

Simply put, a portfolio is a compilation of investments. A person’s portfolio determines what they have chosen to invest in or trade. A person’s portfolio can be comprised of stocks, bonds, physical assets, equities, cash and fixed income securities.

How you set up your portfolio can determine the level of risk you are willing to take and the return on investment (ROI) you expect. Some people will build an aggressive and risky portfolio while others will choose to be more risk averse with their portfolio.

The idea behind a portfolio is to build a diversified collection of all types of securities. In the case that one type of security decreases, you can still maintain financial security with a more diversified portfolio.

Options Trading Tutorial: Building Your Portfolio

Portfolios are one of the most important aspects of options trading. Without a strong portfolio you won’t be successful in trading options. Because the portfolio is such an important part of your options trading outcome, Chuck Hughes will provide you with strategy to build your portfolio when you become a member.

Instead of putting you through an options trading course and leaving you empty-handed after the trading options tutorial is over, we will provide you with portfolio suggestions and recommendations. You will be provided with expert strategy, which will encourage a lower risk and higher reward potential for your portfolio.

An example of Chuck Hughes’ portfolio is below. Chuck’s portfolio shows he invested in CIGNA, Costco, Johnson and Johnson, Starbucks, Wells Fargo and Yahoo. Chuck built this portfolio so the minimum profit Chuck could make off of this portfolio was 268.1%. The average return on this portfolio was 422.8%.

Chuck set up this portfolio in such a way that it was guaranteed to increase in value whether the stock market went up, went down, or remained stagnant.

chuck hughes portfolio

Should I Trade Weekly Options Spreads or Options Purchases?

Options trading lessons will oftentimes focus on purchasing options as opposed to spreading options. This is a mistake considering the advantages option spreads have over option purchases.

  • The call option sale of an options spread provides downside protection which reduces risk.
  • Option spreads help you maintain option positions during choppy markets and avoid being stopped out.
  • Option spreads can be profitable whether an ETF (exchange traded fund) goes up, goes down, or remains flat.

Chuck Hughes will provide you with options spreads strategies amongst many other trading strategies, without even making you enroll in an options trading course.

Why Choose Chuck Hughes Instead of Enrolling in an Options Trading Course?

Create Profit Now!Again, when becoming a part of Chuck Hughes’ Options Trading Strategy you won’t have to attend a trading options course- Chuck provides you with actual strategy so you don’t have to worry about things like learning to build a successful portfolio or choosing whether to be involved in option spreads versus options purchases.

If you do want to spend your free time learning about the intricacies of options trading and the stock market, Chuck offers free options trading webinars and videos. However, for those wanting to be involved in the options trading market without having to take a class, Chuck Hughes can offer his services.

Chuck allows you to be involved in the options trading market without investing your time in the research process. Instead of offering weekly options trading courses, Chuck provides his members with his exclusive trading strategies. Chuck Hughes actually gives you his trading strategies. So all you have to do is follow his recommendations.

Chuck Hughes does not provide his members with the typical options trading online course. After Chuck made his fortune trading options, he wanted to teach others successful options trading strategy. When he began giving up his trade secrets to his exclusive members, he saw that it was more successful to give his trade strategy away than to provide options trading lessons.

People forget lessons.

People pay attention to actual TRADES.

If you’re ready to become a part of the options trading market and you don’t want to sit through an options trading class, Call Chuck Hughes at (866) 661-5664 or Become a member of Chuck Hughes Options Trading Strategy today and start building your portfolio today!

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