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Sector Trading with ETFs

May 22nd, 2014

Holding sector ETFs as part of an overall sector trading strategy can help you reduce volatility that naturally comes with owning individual stocks—plus, it can give you greater peace-of-mind. For example, let’s say Twitter, whose stock resides in the social media ETF index, experiences a 24% hit on a given day. But, the overall index is slightly profitable—you will be fine because ups and downs of the overall index buffers hits from individual stocks. Using a similar scenario, let’s say LinkedIn’s stock, whose part of the Internet index, suffers a 13% loss on a given day. But you end up making a 2% profit. Once more, it’s because the overall index fares well on that given day.

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In the April 2014 video, “A Winning Strategy in any Type of Market” Chuck offers tips for analyzing Relative Strength Factor (Rsf) trends using the tool at http://www.etfscreen.com/. The tool gives a percentile ranking of a fund’s performance compared to other funds, as well as to the broader U.S. market. The values range from 0 through 99.99 with the highest performers on top.

Once you become familiar with, and begin using the tool, you will see how easy it is to track the funds you have invested in on a regular basis. The tool is also designed to help you target new sector trading opportunities.

If you missed Chuck’s video, check it out now and learn more about the secrets of successful sector trading.

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