Weekly Option Alert Trading Service 

11743152-analysis-colorful-stock-chart-on-monitor-finance-concept.jpgIn the past, individual investors usually just bought stocks and waited. Over time, some stocks increased in value. At other times, markets dropped and stock prices declined.

Ordinary stock market investors lacked great fortunes, an appetite for taking big risks, and access to highly qualified wealth advisors. Thus, they felt satisfied with a slow, steady, and sometimes bumpy approach to growing their stock market account. Also, most of these investors avoided developing an option trading strategy or using other powerful trading tools entirely. Either they thought of them as too risky or complicated or had never even been introduced to them at all.

Luckily, some experienced and successful traders have worked hard to develop systems that can make high-growth trading strategies suitable for all investors, even those with little savings or risk tolerance. More than just a weekly option trading service, Chuck Hughes educates his Weekly Option Alert members about all sorts of stock opportunities in addition to weekly option trading signals.

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About Chuck Hughes Weekly Option Alerts

Chuck Hughes doesn't just provide a weekly option alert program but instead, what he calls his Wealth Strategy Services. Unlike some stock market trading services, Chuck Hughes doesn't take over management of your hard-earned money. Instead, this program provides you with an opportunity to maintain control over your funds and all of your profits.

In addition to gaining access to a library of training videos that cover various aspects of options trading, members get alerts for weekly and monthly options, dividend strategies, stocks with high-growth potential, and wealth-protection stock hedges. In other words, joining Chuck Hughes offers regular investors opportunities to build wealth that only the very rich or highly trained could utilize in the past. At the same time, he teaches his wealth-building strategies, Chuck Hughes also provides actionable insights that traders can use right away.

Benefits of the Chuck Hughes Options Trading Service

Over three decades, Chuck Hughes has developed a proven stock market strategy by not trying to outguess the market but by trading with trends. With alerts of when a stock trends up or down, traders know when it's time to go long or short. No matter the market conditions, Chuck Hughes Weekly Option Alert members have the opportunity to make money and protect their assets.

Not so long ago, only very wealthy people could afford to hire trading services of this caliber. Today, ordinary investors can start with a few thousand dollars to begin earning great returns and build wealth. To guard against unpredictable price action, members also learn to hedge high-return trades with complementary tactics that guard against losses. They benefit by learning about new opportunities to build wealth while protecting themselves against the unexpected.

Weekly Option Alert

Members of the Weekly Option Alert Trading Service receive access to an exclusive service which provides trading recommendations for both weekly and monthly options. Members receive email alerts whenever there is a new trade recommendation. All recommended trading signals are posted on a 'Members Only' proprietary web page enabling members to benefit from the continued success of the Hughes Optioneering™ trading strategies.


  • Super Stock Portfolio
  • Small Account Option Portfolio- invests in stock and ETF options
  • Option Portfolio -invests in stock and ETF options. Includes weekly and monthly options
  • Option Spreads- debit spreads are implemented by ‘buying to open’ a call option and ‘selling to open’ a call option with a higher strike price. The sale of the call option results in cash being credited to your brokerage account equal to the amount  of the premium. This reduces the cost basis of the call option purchase and provides downside protection in the event the underlying stock declines in price.
  • Covered Call Portfolio- Weekly covered calls are implemented by purchasing 100 shares of a stock and selling a related call option. The sale of the call option reduces the cost basis of the stock purchase and provides downside protection in the event the stock declines in price. This strikes a good  balance between risk and reward. Covered call trades can profit even if the underlying stock declines in price. Covered call trades provide cash income and can provide attractive returns that can diversify the profit stream from the higher risk strategies of your investment portfolio
  • Small Account Covered Call Portfolio
  • Profit Guard Portfolio -Profit Guard Spreads are initiated by purchasing a call option and purchasing a put option on the same underlying stock. This can be done simultaneously, or you can leg in to the spread by purchasing a put option to protect profits on an existing call option purchase.

Who is Chuck Hughes?

Chuck Hughes started trading over 30 years ago. He began with about $4,600 in his trading account and earned 100 times that much in pure profit within two years. He can also boast of being Trading Champion 10 times, more than anybody else involved in Champion Trading. 
Because of his long record of success, Chuck Hughes now delights in mentoring others with his weekly option service. Chuck Hughes is here to help option traders enjoy winning trades in all kinds of market conditions.

For access to the same wealth-building strategies, contact us or call (866) 661-5664 for more information.

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